Why Do You Need Backup Google Apps?

Google Apps is essentially a suite of features and functions for businesses, which includes calendar, professional email, and also the flexibility to work from any part of the world. Therefore, if you’re using these cloud-based apps, it becomes imperative to backup Google Apps. Google Apps by itself is a secure and safe platform. It keeps user data in its distributed data centres designed with redundancy and resiliency, negating any point of failure.

But third-party backing up of data comes into play to cover up for the gaffes committed from the user’s side. For instance, when information is deleted, Google cannot possibly be sure whether you deleted the data knowingly or the deletion was a pure accident – caused by human error or even malicious activity such as malware, disgruntled employees or hacking. With third-party backup, you can always recover deleted information when Google offers no data recovery recourse.

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