What Inspired Netball Dresses

Netball was first recognized as a sport in 1901. The game came about when women had the urge to play basketball. They would tied plastic bags to broom sticks and play. All the while, wearing their floor length, leg of mutton sleeve dresses. This made it unbearably hard to play the game, since it limited mobility. It also inspired them to design netball dresses. Th first set of uniforms were tunics that ended below the knee, stiff shirts and wool stockings. After 30 years, they decided to alter these uniforms and players now used pleated skirts and blouses. Ten years thereafter, the skirts got shorter and tighter and blouses were replaced with polos. It then became oversized in the 1990s. The netball uniforms today have reached a balance of style and comfort. Players find them flexible and no changes are upcoming.

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