What Are Structural Insulated Panels?

Structural insulated panels (SIP) are specially designed panels used in the construction of ceiling, walls, and floors. Insulated panels provide an efficient construction method suitable for energy efficient, durable, durable and strong building option. They are suitable for light commercial or residential buildings construction.

SIP manufacture and design

They are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions and can be fitted to any building design. The ultimate result of this process is the creation of a cost-effective building. SIPs are designed to resist axial and shear loads thus allowing them to be used as floors and roofs.

Demand for energy efficient building

The demand for energy-efficient buildings has soared over the past few years. Hence, architects have utilized SIPs as a suitable material to satisfy this need. SIPs do a critical job of slowing down the transfer of air, heat, and vapor through the structure.

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