What Are Panel Glides?

Panel glides are all -round and stylish shading option for large windows and doorways. They are ideal for large rooms and spaces and are available in a variety of colors. Plain styles and neutral colors march the simplicity of roller blinders and go with most surrounding windows.
Large windows and doors can easily be opened and closed by wand control. Bigger window panels used in more open spaces go well with the flat panel fabrics of panel glides.

Style and design

The fabrics are available in many different colors and can be custom made to suit your space. Introduction of subtle lines light covers that do not compromise your privacy are an excellent way you brighten up your space.
To ensure the panel glides take up little room, make sure you have them stacked past the doorway or window to allow for full access. Panel Glides South Brisbane provide modern-minimalist looks that do not dominate your overall style.

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