Walking Frames: A Short Guide

A walking frame is a mobility aid used to maintain stability and balance while walking. The device is either used by elderly people who find it difficult to walk without any assistance or by temporarily disabled people who normally use a walking frame for rehabilitation purposes, for example, when recovering from an operation or injury.

These walking aids, also called Zimmer frames, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, one should observe proper safety precautions when using a walking frame. For instance, it is important that you wear proper footwear that is advised when using these frames as walking aid. One should also avoid certain areas and environments in home such as wet floors, cluttered places, rugs, mats or loose carpets, when using a Zimmer frame.

As for different types of walking frames, you will commonly find three varieties in the Zimmer frames.

  1. The standard Zimmer frames equipped with four legs but no wheels.
  2. Wheeled Zimmer frames with wheels attached to the two front legs of the frame.
  3. Folding frames that come either with side folding facilities or with hinged front legs.

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