Using Acrylic Sheets To Update Kitchen Cabinets Or Picture Frames

Using Plastic Acrylic Sheets for DIY projects in your home can be a fun way to update old scratched or broken glass easily. Replacing glass in kitchen cabinets, fixing your favorite broken picture frame glass is a snap.

If your kitchen cabinets have glass in them, swapping out the old glass with Plexiglas is easy. You can buy it in sheets and cut yourself or have it cut at your local hardware store to fit. Sticking with a clear see- through sheet may be what you choose, but this product also comes in frosted, colored or also with a design element in it.

Broken glass in a picture frame is so easy to replace with acrylic sheets. You can choose a very thin sheet that is easy to cut with only a straight edge razor, much like linoleum, by scoring and snapping on the line, but many crafting stores sell the sheets already cut to fit most picture frames.

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