Uh-Oh’s And Oh-No’s: Cleaning Up Pet Urine At Home

Pee pee, sprinkles and accidents… oh dear. Sometimes it seems like your dog’s favorite place to relieve himself is in your new carpet. When Cleaning Up Pet Urine, always remember even when the smell is not noticeable to you, your pet’s keen sense of smell will pick up on it and your pet will keep going back to this spot to tinkle, making more clean up for you. These simple tips can remove the smell and the stain from all your pet’s favorite uh-oh hot spots and help make your home sparkle again.

pet350For fresh stains, blot up as much of the urine as possible and then place the rag where you want your pet to pee pee. Apply cold water and suck up with a wet vac. For accidents that go unnoticed a while, use a carpet shampooer or specialized stain remover and apply a pet urine neutralizer to the stains. If stains reach carpet padding, you may need to replace it and start fresh.

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