The Secret To Running A Successful Life Coaching Business

Isn’t life just darn IRONIC! I mean, why would an aspiring life coach need inspiration to start a life coaching business? Well, as obvious as it may be to some, starting a life coaching business is just like starting any other business. So despite having the ability and talent for life coaching, you’ll need to start seeing your talent from a business perspective.

Inspiration Is The Product

Your value to your clients almost always lies in what you are offering to the customer. In this case, you’re a seller of inspiration. As a product, it has to be packaged, advertised and distributed.

Creation and Preservation of Goodwill

No matter how you present your services to your potential clients, always remember to be positive, as that’s one of the most important aspects of life coaching. As you take on more and more clients, learn to create goodwill, and to preserve it.

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