The Advice Of A Business Coach On The Australian Economy

In my experience as a business coach Australia is one of the most progressive societies in the world. As such, its people are highly receptive to new products and generally accepting of new business establishments. Establishing a business in Australia has a number of instant benefits.

1. Free Market Economy

With much of its economic wealth built around sport, Australians pride themselves for being a peace and fun loving people. For a startup business, this is a welcome advantage as traditionalist societies can be difficult to penetrate because of established cultures.

2. Ethical Standards

Business ethics demand that we exercise business practices that protect the consumer from counterfeit goods which, depending on the product, can be harmful. Australian business ethics are by far well ahead of many developed nations. As such, it is an economy that is supportive of businesses that exercise ethical practices. This is important because some nations don’t have control measures that ordinarily disadvantage unfairly against legitimate businesses.

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