Starting A Computer Service Centre In Sydney

Starting a computer service centre can give you a good source of income while you also provide important services to private and businesses that cannot fix their PC problems. While a certification gives you credibility, you can still start your computer service centre Sydney even without it. In addition to maintaining your expertise and keeping up with the ever-changing technology, you require a smart marketing strategy, clear business plan, and exemplary customer service.

According to, the average income of a computer repair technician in Australia is AU47, 861 per year. In the USA, guys are clocking around $20 per hour from this business. You can see that it is not a bad venture.

But of late, there is a trend that may make the business to be less profitable than before. Bigger companies are leasing their computers, which mean that if they malfunction, they are likely to ask for a replacement. The bigger companies are also gravitating towards having internal IT departments that attend to their problems. But it’s not always doom and gloom.

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