Role Of Outsourced IT Services NZ

When it comes to a software library, code and user documents can be combined but this is not always true for applications in general. Typically, the user documentation describes each feature of the program. The user documents do not need to be structured in a particular way, but it is very important that they have a specific index. Consistency and simplicity are also two very valuable qualities.

Outsourced IT Services NZ considers that the user documentation is a contract that specifies what the software should do. There are three main ways of organizing user documentation:

Tutorial – A tutorial approach is most useful for a new user. In this method the user is guided every step of performing specific tasks. Thematic – For an intermediate user generally employs a thematic approach in which the chapters or sections focus on a particular area of interest.

A grievance universally expressed by users on the software documentation is that it takes only one of these three approaches to the exclusion of the other two. In the case of computers, it is common to limit the provision of software documentation online help, which is limited to reference information on commands or menu lines.

The teaching new users or work helps more experienced users get the most out of a program is left to private the publishers , to whom the software developer provides significant assistance.

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