Really Cheap Plane Tickets

Consider yourself from the Dark Ages if you’ve NEVER received a discount on a plane ticket, and I don’t mean that in the worst way. Basically, getting really cheap plane tickets isn’t like walking on water, it’s humanely possible.

Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Not every ticket salesman will be generous enough to give you information on flight deals available to certain fliers. Ask and you might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to pay if you work in a particular field, or your children are under a given cut-off age.

Tip #2: Friendly Chit Chat In The Departures Lounge

This other time when I was waiting for a flight I got to chat with a random woman in the departures lounge. As it turned out, she wasn’t traveling anymore and was waiting for her husband to come and pick her up. Fortunately, I hadn’t bought a ticket and was going to the same destination. It took a little haggling and convincing, but the booking attendant agreed to let me fly in her place. The ticket, 50% cheaper!

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