Questions To Ask Pet Transport Sydney Service Provider

There are various factors to consider when transporting your pet from one location to another, the most important one being the safety of your pet. Here are some questions to ask before selecting a pet transport Sydney service provider.

Are you licensed and do you have Reference?

A company that is licensed by the USDA is likely to offer better services since they have the right equipment and vehicles for the job. Asking for reference will help you determine whether you are working with the right company or not.

Do you Administer Medication?

A company that provides your pet with prescribed pet medication can safely transport your pet without any problems arising. Also, if your pet was to get sick along the way, you’d be confident that it would be taken care of.

Will my Pet Be Exposed to Dangerous Animals?

Your pet should be kept away from vicious animals that might harm or scare it. The right company to work with is one that transports the animals separately in a secured vehicle.

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