Mouth Guards Chermside: The Best Tool For Protecting Teeth

Countless people suffer from bruxism, which is grinding or clenching of the teeth. Typically, individuals grind or clench their teeth during nighttime sleep. Doing so causes quite a bit of damage to the teeth over time. Common symptoms include jaw pain, chipped or cracked teeth, and a variety of other problems. Fortunately, mouth guards Chermside can help alleviate bruxism side effects while protecting the teeth from further harm. Quality mouth guard options are available right now.

While disposable options exist, individuals should opt for a more long-term solution. A dentist or similar practice can craft a mouth guard that’s customized to the wearer’s teeth. In most cases, these molded plastic mouth guards will last anywhere from six months to two years before needing a replacement. Getting a mouth guard as soon as possible after a bruxism diagnosis is important for protecting the teeth and gums.

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