Keep A Cup For The Planet

Keep a cup products have popped up everywhere in efforts to reduce trash. To go cups and single use water bottles have done a good job at littering the planet. The plastics and Styrofoams used to make these containers do not biodegrade. The discarded items appear in waterways and countrysides polluting the ground, water, and wildlife.

Using a reusable cup drastically reduces the waste created by disposable containers. The average person uses a couple of disposable cups every day. Overtime this usage adds up to a mountain of trash. The next time you get a coffee or soda to go, bring a cup that can be reused. Not only are you reducing waste, you can ensure the sanitation level of your own container. Furthermore, you can customize a reusable cup so that it reflects your own personal style. It is a stylish and environmental choice for your to go beverage.

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