Introduction To Fashion Modelling

The fashion industry is massive globally, as well as being extremely lucrative, so having the opportunity to be a part of it is certainly something to grasp should the chance present itself. If you are not a designer then potentially the next best thing is to become a model, but possessing an attractive and shapely body doesn’t guarantee success, as many discover upon their introduction to modelling.

A model agency is absolutely essential. They will help build a portfolio and hopefully be able to arrange test shoots and present them to leading photographers and designers. Obviously the long term aim is for jobs in places such as: New York, Milan and Paris, but the reality is that initially the locations will be far less glamorous.

To have the best chance of succeeding potential models are often advised to be honest, be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of their career goals and be able to listen and learn. Along side all this, obviously a slice of luck is always welcome.

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