How to Become A Qualified CPA

If you want to become a St Louis CPA, you must first complete a degree program in accounting at a recognized university. Once you have obtained your degree, you must complete at least two years of accounting work experience. Many CPAs in training find work in accounting firms or in the accounting department of various companies. Some of the typical duties include checking financial documents and preparing tax returns for clients.

finance-108655_640Once you have met the necessary requirements for education and work experience, you can sit the CPA certification exams, which are overseen by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. There are four exams you must pass in order to earn your CPA designation, which tests your knowledge in various accounting topics such as attestation and financial reporting. Once you pass the first exam, you must complete the remaining exams within 18 months.

After you finish your studies, you must stay current with the latest accounting laws and practices, so you will have to complete the necessary continuing education coursework. This will cover topics such as changes in the accounting field and ethics.

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