Guide To RC Drilling Companies

The most frequent problems during the execution of blasting are usually presented as a result of its poor design from an incorrect evaluation of the properties of the rock mass, of the poor execution of the drilling, in addition to the non-compliance with the designed load scheme. Design parameters such as: line of least resistance, filler, overperforation, spacing and initiation time must be carefully calculated so that a blast runs efficiently, safely and with acceptable levels of vibration and air blows.

The strength of a rock mass can vary in small or large scale, depending on its geological structure. Joints, strata, faults and mud layers. They can cause various problems. These variations in the structure of the massif require that the person responsible for the execution of the blasting vary their designs and methods to obtain the expected results. Therefore, it must be determined on the basis of surface indicators, how the rock will vary in deeper planes as determined by RC Drilling Companies.

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