Guide To Medical Massage Therapists

Medical Massage Therapists target organs that have blockages or overflows of energy by taking the pulse at the wrist. This enables individuals to improve fat excretion, promote optimal digestion and reduce bloating.

This technique also helps reduce water retention by stimulating the kidneys and regulating appetite by improving the feeling of fullness (satiety). To stimulate the affected areas, an acupuncturist uses thin needles on parts of the body, such as the belly, feet and ears. These parts are connected to the organs by meridians distributed throughout the body.

Although there is no magic formula for eliminating cellulite, acupuncture can help reduce recent, low-lying cellulite. To achieve this objective, an acupuncturist places longer needles about ten inches under the skin. This form of stimulation has been shown to reduce fat deposits and improve blood circulation. Hence, the importance of turning to a massage therapist.

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