Guide To Finland Web Design

When it comes to A/B testing, putting two versions of a site up and assessing which performs best. User experience Finland Web Design experts are concerned with designing products and services that are simple and pleasurable to use. Eyetracking is done using special cameras that track eye movement. Generally used to create heatmaps showing where users have been focusing during the test. Three-click rule – A usability myth that all web pages should be accessible in three clicks from the homepage. It’s not always possible.

Guerilla usability testing involves quick and dirty usability testing conducted at as low a cost as possible. Formative testing is usability testing conducted during site development to help shape its future direction. Contrasted with summative testing, which assesses the usability of a site that has been completed.

In all cases, the examples shown are intended to act as iumpingeoff points — to provide an idea of a few things that are possible and hopefully inspire you to unleash your imagination and try something a little different of your own.

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