Guide To Buying Pinhead Crickets

If you own any type of pet reptile or bird that feeds on insects, you should know by now that pinhead crickets are their favorite meal. This cricket variety is unique in that they are easy to breed and provide all the nutrients that your pet may need. In fact, your pet can survive on a strict diet of pinheads. You can buy these crickets online at your favorite online store or at a specialty pet food store online. There are also many local pet supplies shops that may have these crickets in their inventory. Whatever the case, be sure to compare prices to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for at the right price.

Breeding crickets is also an option. However, you will have to buy a breeding kit and spend some time caring for the crickets on top of caring for your pet reptile or bird. However, this option will provide you with an ample supply of pet food cost-effectively.

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