Finding Really Cheap Plane Ticket The Smart Way

Sometimes, having a lot of money can be a terrible thing. You’ll never know how much you could be saving on airfare unless someone teaches you a few tricks. And for a frequent traveler, the savings can actually be life changing.

Private Browsing

In the early years of my obsession with saving on plane tickets, I used to go online and check airfares regularly. That was until I was told about ‘cookies’. A cookie is a browsing feature that allows a website to track and record a site visitor’s search history.

The way they work is such that if you check ticket prices often there won’t be a significant change in price. However, as a private browser the website won’t be able to pick up on that and changes will be reflected more regularly.

Really cheap plane tickets are obtainable if your learn a few tricks, as I have done successfully over the years, and you can do too.

Good luck!

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