Enjoy Flexible Storage At Significant Cost Savings With Storagecraft

If you are considering moving your business to cloud-based storage, you should consider the storagecraft exablox solution. The exablox is a scale-out, object-based storage appliance that is designed by storagecraft to help business overcome the common cloud storage problems such as limited capacity and forklift upgrades, cumbersome management and complex installation. The storagecraft storage solution is unique seamless scale-out ring architecture that supports multiple OneBlox appliances enabling businesses to scale out their storage needs anytime easily with zero configurations and no application downtime.

The storagecraft storage solution also allows businesses to scale-out storage for virtual environments, enjoy convenient instant recovery whether on-premises or cloud-based DR, and implement a flexible multi-site replication disaster recovery that does not require the target and source infrastructure to be identical. Furthermore, the agility to add storage at any time makes the storagecraft pricing highly affordable and thus, ideal for businesses looking for significant cost savings.

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