DOT Supervisor Training Video

DOT Supervisor Training Video provides an easier way to familiarize with driving techniques. This is even more true in situations with a particularly slippery road surface (example on snow) where being able to count on the thrust of four wheels can get us out of trouble in many situations.

In acceleration, the weight moves towards the rear of the vehicle while the opposite happens when braking. This means that with a front traction car, in acceleration, the muzzle tends to rise, with a consequent reduction of the driving wheels, which in this case are also the guiding ones, ie those that steer the vehicle.

Cornering can happen, especially if you exaggerate with the accelerator or on slippery surfaces, that the wheels lose grip and the vehicle tends to skid out of the curve (the so-called understeer): the behavior to be taken to overcome the problem is the most natural one.

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