ABCs Of The MS4 Permit For Stormwater Drainage

The vibro battery is guided along the mast and drilled deep with the aid of a low-low. The action of the low-range unit involves an optimal compaction of the gravel column (activation) and an extension in depth of the thickening beyond the maximum depth reached. The column is formed by successive steps of extraction and crushing of the gravel both downwards and laterally into the ground. In this way columnar elements are obtained which, interacting with the ground, support the loads.

In the case that in the cohesive and mixed soils it is obtainable, through the horizontal vibrations and the lateral crushing of the ground, a ground thickening effect, the latter must be evaluated according to the typical criteria of vibroflottation. This effect is however linked, first of all, to the presence of water in the ground as required for the MS4 Permit for Stormwater Drainage.

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