ABCs Of Corporate Web Design

In corporate web design, rails is based on two fundamental principles. Try as much as possible to have elements of the application in one place. The MVC architecture and meta-programming in Ruby can facilitate this. Convention over configuration. Do not specify the configuration items if they do not meet the established conventions. Rails exploits this by providing default behavior for most of its functionality. This vision will be retained even after the merger with Merb and future modularization framework.

Starting a Rails project, regardless of whether configuration items are present. It usually contains the username and password for access to the database, eg MySQL. However, you can start a project without setting the default use of SQLite. The configuration files are YAML. Rails 2.0 brings the following resources that provide a Rest architecture, a clearer differentiation between formats and converters (rhtml file becomes a file html.erb, and the result is the HTML file).

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