3 Corporate Coffee Gifts For Any Occasion

For company birthdays or holidays, you simply can’t go wrong with corporate coffee gifts. Try one of these mug ideas for your next office occasion

Steam Message Mugs

Magic chalkboard mugs are everywhere right now and they allow you to write a secret message on a mug. Add will hot coffee and your message will be revealed. This neat idea helps you to personalize the mug without being predictable.

Monogram Mugs

Monograms are also trending right now and you can’t go wrong with this classic gift. If you want to stay with the trends, keep it current by choosing a boho floral themed or arrow accented monogram.

Company Logo Mugs

Company mugs may be a dime a dozen… but not if you make them special. Instead of “Pete’s Papercuts” try something like “I work at Pete’s Papercuts and all I got was this lousy mug.”
Mugs are a timeless way to say “thanks.” And, thanks to coffee, they are also a great way to say “Use that energy to get back to work.”

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