Why Learning To Play Trumpets Can Be Hard

Learning to play trumpets isn’t always easy. Unlike woodwind instruments, these powerful horns only have three keys. This means that trumpet players have to develop plenty of mouth control in order to produce a more diverse range of sounds. It is subtle changes in a person’s lip positioning and lip vibrations that alters the way in which this instrument sounds. It is additionally important to note that the trumpet is a naturally loud instrument. You produce noise with this horn by buzzing your lips and blowing air through the mouthpiece. Buzzing too hard or moving too much air at once will make your playing far louder than it has to be. It is all of these things that new trumpet players must keep in mind when playing in large or small groups, or auditioning as soloists. With sufficient practice and a commitment to achieving control, however, it is possible for almost anyone to become proficient in playing this incredibly popular instrument.

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