Three Things That All Beginning Trumpet Books Should Have

There are three, important features that all beginning trumpet books should possess. These learning materials should always have the major and minor scales, including the chromatic skills. Performing these scales on a routine basis is critical for building overall proficiency. They should also have a number of recognizable songs or melodies that students can easily play during the formative stages of the learning process. Practicing familiar music is a great way for people to verify that they’re making the right sounds, playing in the correct key and maintaining the appropriate pace. This is especially true when students are practicing independently and outside of the normal learning environment. Finally, the best of these resources will have their own companion CDs. These give students an accurate representation of the music that they’re playing for improved technical efficiency. Students can use these CDs to get a better feel for phrasing, style and rhythm, whether working with their instructors, or on their own at home.

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