The Role Of Plants In Landscape Design

Choosing garden plants is one of the main duties of a landscape design St Louis professional. It is also a journey of discovery. Similar to people, each plant has its own personality. Some are dependable and humble, while others are spectacular and showy. Landscape designers take pleasure in discovering the different personality of each plant.

When the right plant is discovered for the right location, there is cause for celebration. Whether you are seeking a seasonal rejuvenation or starting from scratch, the look you are attempting to get and the needs of the plants must be taken into consideration. Starting with a plan will result in a cohesive blend of textures, colors and forms.

256There are various approaches when designing with plants. Many designers go for bold drifts of grasses and perennials to achieve a more naturalistic look. Other designers stick to the tried and proven approach of plant flowers in well-defined beds.

A professional garden designer will spend time to determine the planting approach that is most suitable for your location and your personal preferences.

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