The Rising Popularity Of Platform Lifts

When seeking platform lifts UK purchasers can choose from companies that provide custom-made equipment. The lift fits inside or outside of a building, and does not need the full-length shaft required by more traditional lifts. The lift is invaluable at all stages of the building’s life, providing surveyors access to various floor levels while it is in construction. Later on, the lift allows building access to personnel who cannot negotiate staircases because of mobility issues.

The lifts are operated by touch controls and have lower speeds than traditional lifts. For safety reasons, maximum weight and personnel specifications are in place. The platform lift is constructed with a sprung door and an enclosure that is fitted with glass panels. The lift will only move when this door is fully shut and the glass panels allow the lift occupants to see the progress of the journey. Smaller “open” platform lifts are available for shorter vertical distances in building interiors where floor levels are out of sync.

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