The Advantage Of Swivel Thumb Shears

Shears or thinning scissors as they are often referred to are used by professional hair dressers to shape and add texture to the hair. They are especially helpful when styling and cutting hair that is thick, curly or unruly. These scissors cut between 40 to 80% of hair in just one or two snips, due to its specialized design. However, like any other hair dressing tool, it can cause pain and fatigue when used for hours on end. This is why the Swivel thumb shears are preferred. They incorporate a new swivel mechanism that allows more freedom with the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. This allows you to use the shears for longer, since you remain more comfortable and experience less pain and discomfort. The swivel mechanism is extremely useful and helpful for hair dressers and those who want to do their own hair at home.

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