Tandem Arbor Furniture: Customisation At Its Best

Buying new furniture is always exciting. And it’s not just the aromatic smell of varnish that get’s the emotions in a knot. The real joy lies in the experience of actually walking into a furniture store and discussing taste, price and, most of all, reclining into that leather couch and having a feel. At Tandem Arbor furniture the whole idea is to provide good quality, customised furniture sculptured from YOUR perspective.

Character Is Class

Character is what defines you. It is what sets you apart from the crowd. Sitting down with designers to create something that screams out your character is a lot of fun. Sofas out of wicker, dinner tables made from recycled glass, wall-size plasmas, it’s all about YOU. At Tandem we let you decide instead of the other way round.

Customised Upholstery

Have you ever considered fur covered couches? Or Military style sofa designs? These are some of the things you can experiment with to much acclaim.

Own your world, don’t let society own you! Visit us today and watch as your living spaces transform into a spitting paradise image of your soul.

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