Cha Cha Hut BBQ


March 26 & 27: Celebrate Mud Month with Chocolate BBQ!

Chocolate Dusted Ribs

In addition to our regular menu, we have the following weekend specials:

With the thaw in full force & spring moisture at it’s peak, we’re firmly in the midst of the start of Catskill Mud Month. Rather than complain, we’re embracing the mud with a weekend of chocolate infused BBQ.

The Sista Havana - pulled pork, chocolate pork belly, cheddar, Mud On The Tires BBQ sauce

The Sista Havana …….. $10

Our take on a Cuban sandwich. Low & slow pulled pork & chocolate dusted pork belly plus pickles, cheddar & our limited edition Mud On The Tires BBQ sauce. Served with BBQ Beans or Slaw.

Chocolate Pork Belly

Chocolate Pork Belly …….. $4

Our decadent appetizer returns this time cured in whiskey & maple with spices then dusted in our Catskill Mudd Rub (a limited edition chocolate BBQ rub) & slow smoked.

Chocolate Turkey Chili

Chocolate Chili …….. $4 / $5 / $7

Even our Chili Of The Moment gets the Mud Month treatment as we take our Smoked Turkey & make a mole inspired chili.

Mud On The Tires BBQ Sauce …….. $8

We’re taking our Thundernagi sauce down by the lake where only 4 wheel drives can go. Punched up with chocolate & a blend of spices.

Double Chocolate Ice Cream …….. $4

Two decadent chocolates blended together in a rich creamy ice cream.

Mississippi Mud Brownie

Mississippi Mud Brownies …….. $2

Dark chocolate brownies topped with marshmallow fluff & more chocolate.

The are VERY LIMITED items so pre-orders are highly recommended.
Available Saturday March 26 & Sunday March 27 only.

Dunkadoo Balls!

Oreos & cream cheese dipped in chocolate

Ladies & gentlemen, we present Dunkadoo Balls: Oreo cookies & cream cheese formed into balls & dipped in chocolate.

On The 1st Day Of Pigmas: Pig Candy & ReinCow Pie Ice Cream

PIG CANDY ……………………..75¢ each / 3 for $2

It’s bacon we candy coat with brown sugar, cinnamon & a pinch of cayenne.

REINCOW PIE ICE CREAM ……………………..$5 for 8oz

St. Pigmas’ flying sty is pulled by a herd of ReinCows. The “pies” they leave behind are double chocolate ice cream with candy cane pieces.

August 28: Loco Local! Picnic!

On Saturday August 28, we’re putting the spotlight on locally produced meat & vegetables with a special menu. In addition to our usual BBQ menu, we’ll be featuring menu items made with meat from Sap Bush Hollow & sides created with produce from local farms including Madeline & Tovey’s organic farm in Roxbury & Shaul Farm in Fultonham. We will also be staying open later – until 8pm unless the food sells out – to serve your dinner needs.

As each of these local specials are limited, we suggest calling in advance & we’ll reserve your order.

Loco Local! Picnic! Specials

Sap Bush Hollow Pasture Raised Pork Loin Sammie ………………..13.00
Pork loin coated in our Cha Cha Dust BBQ Rub, smoked over local hardwood, sliced to order & served with your choice of toppings made from local produce.

Sap Bush Hollow Grass Fed Beef Short Ribs ……………………….. 12.00
1/2 lb of chunky beef rib goodness coated in our Cha Cha Java Cinnamon Dust & smoked over local hardwood. Served with your choice of slaw made from local produce.

Sap Bush Hollow Handmade French Garlic Sausage …………….. 10.00
A French sausage made with pork, fresh garlic & red wine. It’s smoked then quickly grilled to crisp it up. Served on a crusty roll with caramelized local onions & a side of slaw made from local produce.

Sap Bush Hollow Grass Fed Beef Tacos …………………………… 10.00
Two tacos made with seasoned steak – grilled & sliced thin – served on flour tortillas with your choice of toppings made from local produce.

SIDES ………………………..small 3.00 / large 5.00
For this special Picnic! – all of our usual sides will be using local produce. We’re also featuring a few special sides for this event:

Cukelear Salad
Here’s a wicked version of a Cucumber Salad. Rather than just a plain old vinegar dressing, we let these cukes marinate in our North Carolina Vinegar Sauces for a few days. The result? A thermocukelear salad. Not for the timid.

Firecracker Slaw
Take our Sweet & Sour Slaw – add some heat in the form of local peppers & hot sauce – the result is the return of Firecracker Slaw. For those who like a little heat in their slaw. Tangy spicy.

Cha Cha Pepper Salad
Think Pico de gallo or salsa fresca or – as one friend of the Hut calls it – “Salsa for Grown Ups”. A fresh chunky mix of tomatoes, peppers, onions & spices. Great as a topping or just eat it as a side. Mildly spicy.

Southern Dill Potato Salad
It’s the return of one of our most popular salads – this time with a completely local produce twist. Red potatoes, sweet onions & celery in a sour cream & dill dressing. A cool side for our hot BBQ. Not spicy.

Sauce of the Moment: Shopsin Facemelter
We’re bringing back this popular Sauce of the Moment for the last two Picnic! events. A blazing hot sauce based concoction with black pepper & cider vinegar. Definitely not for the timid & certainly not for kids. Just plain hot.

HOMEMADE ICE CREAM …………………….. 2.00
(small batch 4 oz servings)

Made with Vietnamese Cinnamon. Earthy with a small amount of bite.

Better Than Sex
Made using the Better Than Sex tea from Tay Tea in Andes. “A sinfully delicious rooibos blend with bits of Belgian dark chocolate and peppermint. A must for chocoholics, more often than not, this tea deserves it’s name!” The ice cream picks up on the best of these flavors.

Do not forget! We’re also serving our usual BBQ menu as well as these local specials.

Dessert of the moment

Fudge cake available today. Hope to see you for dinner and dessert.