Soccer Uniforms Are For More Than Just Looks

From young kids to adults, boys and girls, soccer is a sport that captivates people around the world. With the World Cup now exploding across the United States, it seems soccer is destined to continue its phenomenal growth. As with any popular sport, the uniform plays an important role in its popularity and marketability. Soccer uniforms can make a bold statement about the team, country and the player, but they also serve a more practical purpose.

Soccer is a fast-paced, high endurance sport that requires a lot of running, jumping and kicking. In order to the provide the greatest amount of comfort and flexibility, the uniform must be made of a highly durable yet breathable fabric. Thicker uniforms with long sleeves are also available for colder climates. Soccer shorts should fit loosely around the legs to allow for flexibility while still fitting snugly at the waist so they remain in place. Uniforms consist of a jersey, shorts, socks and soccer cleats.

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