Safety Tips for Garage Roller Doors

In most homes, the garage door is usually one of the largest moving objects. Keeping it in proper working order is absolutely crucial, especially considering that it’s used every day. And for garage roller doors, there are a few points that one should take note of for safety reasons.

Garage Doors and Young Children

Children should never be allowed to play with garage door remote controls. You should explain to kids that these items are not toys. Instead, set a good example and show the how to operate the door safely. The opener control button should also be mounted out of the reach of small kids (at least 5ft from the floor).

Most garage doors are built to work for years with minimum maintenance. Still, the door could at times stop opening and closing properly. If this happens, you should hire experts to find and fix the fault(s). Otherwise, trying to man-handle the system on your own could be dangerous.

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