Pyrolux Homewares: Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Cooking Can’t Get Any Smarter

The advent of non-stick frying pans came as a welcome culinary innovation. No more noisy scraping and screeching, the pan literally cleans itself. Pyrolux homewares command the consumer respect that they possess because they have expanded the horizons of culinary possibility. Not only can you buy non-stick frying pans, but pots as well.

Half As Heavy and Twice As Nice

Forget frying pans for a minute and consider cooking pots. Iron-cast slow cookers and pots provide a different cooking experience, and the food prepared in them always seems to taste better. However, the weight can be a bit of a turn-off.

So, introducing iron-cast Pyrolux pots that weigh less than the standard iron-cast pot, and twice as pretty. This is also guaranteed strength when they come anodised and cast in aluminum as well.

I mean, when a product has a lifetime guarantee there is no real need to see it to believe it. Pyrolux is truly a dependable homeware brand.

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