Putting Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting To Good Use

Poly film or plastic sheeting has been around for decades, but very few people understand its greater importance to mankind. Available in various shades and thicknesses, its surface protection makes all the difference to furniture, appliances, gadgets and movable assets. The real question, however, should be how you can introduce heavy duty plastic sheeting it into your life and start reaping the associated benefits.

* The perfect floor and basement liner to prevent moisture migration from leaks and burst water pipes.

* Protection for cargo on trains, trucks and ships that may be vulnerable to the elements.

* Being highly impermeable, it’s ideal as a pond liner.

Last but not least, ‘heavy duty’ doesn’t imply invincibility. In a lot of ways the best choice is determined by the site conditions. Which is why there are UV resistant types with thermal regulation to reduce the effects of extreme hot weather elements.

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