Logistics Companies Serve Important Roles

There are a number of Dallas Logistics companies. These businesses play an important role in the US economy. They facilitate the movement of goods from Texas to different parts of the USA and to other countries.

Texas is one of the most significant states of the USA. Production of most US exports happens in Texas. This state has the necessary transportation infrastructure. There is George Bush International airport, a well-developed road network, and railroad infrastructure.

Every day, ships dock and sail from Port Houston. In addition, transportation of Texas farm produce to other US states happens by road, rail, and air. Perishables need air transport.

Port Houston has an annual container volume of 1.6 million TEUs. According to a 2006 valuation, it has an economic value of US$ 118 billion.

Texas is a valuable center of business. Logistics companies in Texas facilitate the seamless flow of business.

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