Kid Cuts: 3 Supplies To Make At-Home Cuts Look Salon-Worthy

Cutting little locks at home can help you save a little dough. These 3 supplies can make at-home cuts look salon-worthy and keep your kiddos looking sharp…

Professional Barber Scissors

Cutting hair with lackluster shears will always produce a lackluster result. Pro scissors prevent choppy strands and help you mimic the real thing.

Good Quality Clippers

If you have little boys, clippers are a mom’s best friend. You can even brush up on how to use them by visiting YouTube.

A New App

Even big kids get squirmy. A new app can keep them still and prevent all that groaning that comes with “Mom, aren’t you finished yet?!”

From pro scissors for the perfect cut to distraction tactics, it is easy to cut hair at home when you have everything you need. No more rushing off to the salon every 4 weeks. Just pull up a chair, turn on the TV and get to cutting. Your wallet will thank you.

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