Keep Eyestrain At Bay With Blue Light Glasses

The amount of time people spend poring over their tablets, phones and laptop screens can contribute to vision damage. Blue light is a type of light that has the shortest wavelight and carries the highest amount of energy. While the sun is the source for the highest amount of blue light, blue light also present in various artificial sources like indoor lighting, flat screen TVs and electronic monitors.

However, the eye is not designed to accommodate blue light for long periods of time. Studies have shown that exposure to blue light for long periods increases the risk for macular degeneration and digital eyestrain.

To prevent these conditions from occurring, experts recommend the use of blue light glasses, eyewear designed to block the entry of blue light past the cornea and into the retina. These glasses can be optimized to adjust vision and may come with anti-glare coating for protect from the glare coming from both sunlight and artificial light sources.

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