How To Use DoTERRA Oils At Home?

Essential oils have a wide range of properties: some are relaxing, some are invigorating, some can relieve muscle aches and some are antibacterial. So how to use doTERRA Oils at home? Essential oils can be used in vaporizers, massage oils, baths, homemade skin care and beauty products, and homemade room sprays.
Before applying oils on the skin, blend them with a base oil such as sweet almond, jojoba or any other cold-pressed vegetable oil. Add 2-3 drops to a teaspoon (5 ml) of base oil and use as a massage oil or a body oil. You can also add oils to a steam inhalation to relieve nasal congestion during the flu season: try eucalyptus, rosemary or pine oil. If you have a vaporizer or a diffuser, add oils to disinfect a room, to get rid of unwanted smells or to act as natural insect repellents.

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