Get A Unique Look With Feather Stroke Eyebrows Brisbane

If you haven’t seen the latest fashion for eyebrows, you will. Feather stroke eyebrows Brisbane has become one of the hottest trends for spring 2017. While the look might not be for everyone, it does offer a very distinctive eyebrow that can be a fun change of pace.

The feathered eyebrow originally came about as a joke, but as these things inexplicable do, it moved from being a joke to being a very serious and dramatic fashion statement. Of course, as its name implies, feather stroke eyebrows are simply eyebrows that are styled to look like an arching feather.

To achieve the feather stroke look, simply part your eyebrow horizontally, following the curve of your brow. A glue stick can help to hold the hairs in place. Now all you have to do is comb the brow hairs to resemble the feathers on either side of a quill.

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