From Folklore To Fingers The Owl Is King

The owl has historically been a symbol used to signify wisdom. In Greece, the signified wisdom. In China, the owl is said to eat its own mother. By far, the most interesting folklore comes from Poland. In Poland, folklore says an unmarried woman reincarnates as a dove versus married women which the folklore says reincarnate as an owl. As it relates to men, the Russian folklore of a hunter who will carry the claw of an owl because it is believed this allows his soul will be able to climb into heaven is interesting.

The owl, in any form, has been a talisman of folklore across continents and cultures. Today, we express our beliefs in other ways. Jewelry can often convey any aspect of our own personal folklore. Owl King rings online are popular and come in a variety of sizes, with different styles of art, and gemstone design.

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