Finding The Right Cap Barbell For You

When it comes to building mass and strength, there are few workout tools as diverse as the Cap barbell. Perfect for building up every muscle in your body, this barbell is a staple of the gym – but these four tips can help you find the weight that works for you so you can utilize this pro tool at home safely and effectively.

Start Small to Avoid Injury

Learning good form is key to a lifetime of good fitness. If you do not start small, you could make disastrous mistakes like lifting too much and put yourself out of commission.

Invest in Safety Equipment to Make Any Barbell Safer

If you are using your barbell for squatting, invest in a squat rack. This can help you stay safe when you are away from the gym.

Choose a Weight That Challenges You

You should be able to do 3 sets of the weight you choose… and if you feel like you could do another set – your weight is too light. This is a good rule of thumb. Remember challenging does not mean killing yourself. Be smart.

Read a Cap Barbell Review

Seeing what others say about a certain barbell can help you make a wise decision.

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