Discount Internet: Changing The Way You See DSL

Back in the days of dial up and the first primitive edition of The Hamster Dance, DSL really changed the way you thought about the internet. It was fast and more reliable. You could actually talk and surf at the same time but then something happened… DSL started to feel laggy and expensive for something that freezes up. Discount internet is now changing the way you see DSL.

178With faster speeds, the new internet providers are offering everything you love about the internet – downloading, emailing, web surfing, gaming and even home phone service. The only different is the new age of internet service does it a lot better. The average download speed of your favorite song is one minute with DSL. With alternative providers the speed can be as fast as two seconds, making the wait time between clicking and listening obsolete. From streamlined game play that never lags up in the middle of that important battle to streaming movies that keep going despite the storm, turn to the new way of doing things and kiss DSL goodbye for good.

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