Are You Pounds and Inches Away from Happiness?

We sometimes get frustrated with our weight or shape, but the answer is only Pounds and Inches Away. Obviously, you are nodding. But it isn’t always so straightforward to everyone. Mom tells you one thing, your friends disagree, but you still hunger for an answer.

First, decide the size you should be for your height and frame. You know, large boned or small frame, each is distinguishable by the size of your wrists and ankles. Look at others your height and consider how you would prefer to be at their weight.

PR CHRIS WESTMEYER - Pounds and Inches Away Pounds and Inches Away 350Now, how would you get there? First you would choose your exercise. Walking is inexpensive and it gets you where you are going. Shoveling snow or raking leaves is even better. Dancing everywhere is another way to let the pounds and inches go. This is your time, your change and your answer. You don’t have to btell anyone, or you can tell everyone. But, one thing is certain, you can get there by the pound and the inch.

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