Acupuncture Needles Australia Supplies

Acupuncture is both an art and ancient medical practice of inserting thin needles at strategic points on the body. The sole aim is to relieve pain, correct imbalances and cure certain ailments. In modern medicine, acupuncture is increasingly gaining ground as more and more acupuncturists are being licensed to practice. Acupuncture needles Australia offers different types of supplies to be used by acupuncturists.

acupunc-350There are different types of needles and accessories used in acupuncture. They include: Seirin, Sensei, Hwato and Carbo needles each coming in different girths and lengths. Accessories used with these needles include the needle injector and guide tube, Tsunometer and needle holders. They may be found at local medical supplies companies or directly from the international manufacturers. When looking for acupuncture needles, consider their versatility in performance and comfort when handling patients. For this reason, search online and order the supplies from reputable companies.

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