6 Ways To Save Money When Eating Out

According to a 2015 study, 20% of Americans visit a quick service restaurant at least once a week. Findings of that study also show that 72% of Americans visit a quick service restaurant for lunch. Most Americans eat out during summer. While eating out, most Americans prefer to eat American cuisine. The preferences of a good percentage of US diners when eating out are low-calorie options and dishes with local and fresh ingredients.

A 2017 study by Bankrate.Com shows that the average millennial eats out five times in a week. They eat out 14% more than baby boomers. The study shows that 29% of Millennials buy coffee at least 3 times in a week. More than 50% of Millennials eat out at least three times a week. By comparison, 40% of Americans said that they only eat out once a week, 59% never purchase brewed coffee, and 79% do not drink at bars.

1. Research Restaurant Meal Prices

Eating out is the latest fad. Due to a busy lifestyle, many people simply do not have the time to cook at home. As you pursue the eating out lifestyle, you need to be conscious about restaurant meal prices. You must keep costs under control. You should find a website that lists the menu prices of different restaurants and compare and contrast to find the most affordable deals.

You should always research menus online before you eat out. Most restaurants place their menus on their websites. There are also websites that aggregate menus from different websites.

Great food does not have to cost much. There are reputable restaurants that sell affordable food. You should take time to find food deals that will save you money.

You do not have to stop eating out so that to save money. Preparing meals at home is a stressful affair. At times, you might not even have the time or the mood to cook.

2. Happy Hour

Apart from finding out about restaurant meal prices, there are other things that you can do so that to save money when eating out. You should try eating at restaurants during happy hour. By doing so, you will save on drinks. During happy hour, you can find half-priced appetizers.

3. Use The Right Credit Card

Another strategy is using the right credit card when paying for your meals. Some cash back credit cards will give you 1-2% cash back. That might not seem like much but the savings will add up when you combine this strategy with other saving strategies.

4. Have a Late Lunch For Dinner

Eating a late lunch is another strategy. Items on a lunch menu are always affordable. You can decide to eat an early dinner at lunch prices. There are restaurants that usually serve lunch until 4 pm.

5. Bring Your Own Wine

Drinking wine or beer when eating out can easily get expensive. If you would like to drink wine when eating out, you should bring your own wine. Most restaurants allow people to do that.

6. Skip Appetizers & Sign Up For Mailing Lists

Skip the appetizers when eating out. That will save you money. Finally, if you have a favorite restaurant, join the mailing list of the restaurant. Doing so will make you to get emails with special offers.

The Bottom-Line

It is hard to stop eating out because it is a convenient alternative to cooking at home. Therefore, you should find ways to save money when eating out.

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