3 Ways To Save On Your Energy Bill

Energy bills add up fast – especially in summer. Here are 3 ways to save on your power bill so that you can use that money on something more fun… like ANYTHING but your power bill…

Invest in high quality blinds.

Good quality blinds can keep out unwanted warmth. The timber blinds Sunshine Coast loves can help you to lower your bill by preventing too much sun from entering your home.

Landscape your home with the help of an expert to offer shade.

A landscaper can help you to determine what plants and placement could help you to lower your energy bill. Planting trees and shrubs where light hits your home can really be a big help.

Unplug appliances when they are not in use.

It can be easy to leave your microwave or TV plugged up before bed, however, leaving them plugged up – even when off – continues to drain power. If you unplug appliances and devices before bed, you will notice a change in your energy costs year round.

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